Island MP praises ‘Good’ Care given by NHS Staff

Following the formal announcement today that the Isle of Wight NHS Trust has been put into special measures by the Care Quality Commission, the Island’s MP has praised the front-line care given by NHS Staff, which has been highlighted as good, despite the many problems found at the Trust.

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals Professor Sir Mike Richards, decided to impose special measures on the Trust following inspections late last year and in January.  The inspections covered services where concerns had been raised during the 2014 inspection or through other channels.  Services were judged against five measures, whether they are Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well Led.  Safe, Responsive and Well Led were rated as ‘inadequate’; Effective as ‘requires improvement’.  The only measure found to be ‘good’ was Caring.  Some services were found to have deteriorated since the last inspection in 2014, despite the Trust being given notice of the improvements required.

Mr Turner commented:

“The Island has a unique healthcare structure.  Ours is the only NHS Trust in the country which delivers acute medical care, community healthcare, mental health services and ambulance services through a single organisation.  The Island’s population fluctuates from 140,000 in the winter months, up to almost 300,000 in summer.  Along with the high number of elderly residents there are unique challenges in delivering healthcare on the Island.  However, that cannot and does not excuse the multitude of serious concerns highlighted in these highly critical reports.

“What does shine through though is that front-line staff still manage to deliver a caring service to patients, despite chaotic organisation, numerous poor practices, excessive bureaucracy and out-of-touch leadership.  It is hardly surprising that this has led to widespread low staff morale.  For all the disappointment and anger that this report may generate, I want to pay tribute to and thank the staff who have simply got on with their jobs and looked after their patients.  They have done a magnificent job under what has clearly been very difficult circumstances.

“One good thing that will result from these damning reports is that there will be additional support and resources from NHS Improvement to support rapid improvement at the Trust.  So my message to NHS staff who are likely to feel even more demoralised by the latest developments is, please hang in there and keep caring for your patients as you have done all along.  You will be vital to the improvement process.”